About Us

iStock_000006661225_ExtraSmallHere at Discovery Records Inc. we have been working hard for our clients since 2001. We provide record retrieval services for law firms, corporate legal departments and insurance companies. We are able to process cases of every kind from personal injury, insurance defense, to workers compensation, and medical malpractice, regardless of the volume of records needed.

Our staff is dedicated and knowledgeable in the process of retrieving a variety of records you might request. With the skills, knowledge, and training that our staff brings to the table, we are able to retrieve records within the state of Texas, as well as retrieving records worldwide. No matter where the records may lay, we will go the distance to ensure client satisfaction.

Our staff has the motto “Do It Right The First Time”, and they ensure this by taking their time and double checking their work. We have in place quality control procedures which ensure every record our client receives is accurate, complete, organized and meets with their specifications. As we grow in business we are discovering new technologies that will assist us in making sure you, the client, are 100% satisfied. Feel free to browse the blog and keep up to date with what is going on at Discovery Records Inc.